Guide to Playing Golf for Free and Getting Huge Discounts on Golf Balls, Golf Gloves, and Golf Stuff


If you love to play golf as much as most golf enthusiasts, you would probably play more if the great game of golf and most golf equipment wasn't so grossly expensive. An 18-hole round of golf at even a moderately expensive golf course averages about $36.00. A decent box of 12 golf balls costs roughly $19.00, and golf clubs are hundreds. Although it's impossible to get it all for free, there are ways to get free rounds of golf and huge discounts on golf equipment. Here are some guidelines to help you play more rounds of golf for free, get some free golf equipment and get huge discounts on other golf stuff:

Free or reduced rounds of golf:

Play golf writer for a day. Since anyone can contribute articles on the Internet, call the golf resort or club where you'd like to play and ask for the club pro. Tell him that you write reviews of golf courses for an Internet site (you can create the site yourself, or put them her for ezines). Tell the golf pro that you would like to play his course, write an article on it, and you were hoping he could set you up with a complimentary time. Perhaps he could even play along with you. Once you've done this, you'll most likely be able to play there time and time again for free or for a reduced rate.

Get a free club, even a $400 driver:

This is no great secret, but few people know about it. Best of all, it's very easy to do. Go to a search engine like Google. Type in review or test golf clubs. Many golf equipment review pages will come up. Research a few of them and learn what it takes to be one of their consultants. Many just require a complete written review of the golf club in a particular amount of time, and you get to keep the club. Some people do this and never purchase a golf club or a golf ball.

Get free or discounted golf balls, golf gloves and other golf stuff.

Get a beautiful free golf hat and golf bag tag today.

Another great place to go for discounts and freebies is the USGA. Their one-year membership fee is $15.00. With it comes a free golf hat, with the name of one of golf's majors stenciled on it and a name tag for your bag that says USGA. Throughout the year, your membership will afford you many discounts on golf rounds and equipment, along with neat golf publications from the USGA. No true golf enthusiast should be without this membership.

These are just a few of the numerous ways golfers can save literally thousands of dollars each year on golf and golf equipment. Give them a try today.


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