Why Golf Fitness Should Be A Priority


Golf fitness should be a priority for any golfer in the same way a visit to the dentist is for somebody with an aching tooth. In the case of a visit to the dentist, you cannot keep on taking painkillers and postponing your visit forever.

Even if you dread root canal dental procedure and are sure that that is what the dentists verdict will be, sooner or later you will have to make that dreaded trip to that dreaded office. In short, you will not be able to continue with a normal life until you make that trip that brings you terror.

Golf fitness is a priority in a similar way. Many golfers dread the mere thought of golf exercises. The situation is made even scarier when you mention dumb bells. An image of their sweaty selves in a gym somewhere comes to mind and it is not a pretty picture for them.

The truth is that golf fitness is such a priority that you will not be able to continue playing the modern golf game with enjoyment without taking up a golf exercise program.

Apart from giving you strength and endurance to help you play better golf, golf fitness is a priority that will help you dramatically reduce on the dangers of injury.

Injuries like the dreaded golfers elbow, which is similar to the tennis elbow, can be a frustration. This injury takes too long to heal and chances of it recurring on the course when you think it is healed are even higher.

It is extremely unlikely that a golfer who ignores golf fitness as a priority will be able to enjoy their golf game.


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