How To Find A Golf Fitness Routine That You Can Stick To


Most people know that the golf fitness routine that you can stick to and be consistent with is the one that is best for you and will end up being the most effective.

This rule applies to all fitness routines and not just golf fitness routines.

The problem with any fitness routine that you are not able to stick with is that even if it has beneficial effects, they will not last long as you will quickly sink back to your earlier situation where you were not involved in any exercises.

The good news is that a genuine golf fitness routine from a good golf exercise expert will be easy to stick with for several reasons.

Good golf exercise experts realize that most amateur golfers hardly have enough time to play the game, let alone time to go into the gym for a golf fitness routine.

Here the first exercise that comes to mind is a certain stretch exercise where you reach as far back as possible on the side while you are seated. Flexibility exercises work wonders for golfers and especially with the golf swing.

The other aspect which makes golf fitness routines extremely easy to stick with is the fact that they work. They often do wonders to people's golf games. In a few cases they have even helped get rid of troublesome lower back pains for good.

There is no greater motivation in doing anything than results. If the results are quick and dramatic, then there will be all the motivation and determination to continue with that thing so as to maintain the good results.

Golf fitness routines are no exception to this rule of human nature.


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