Three Secrets of A Consistent Golf Stroke


What you are about to read... will change your golfing lifeforever! What are these three "secrets"? If you knew how would they effect your game?. These three "secrets" are whatthe worlds best players do. Every player MUST know these"secrets" if they are to have a powerful, repeating golfstroke.

The problem with the majority of golfers is that they don'tknow what to do. Oh their friends, well wishers at best, tell them that they are "bending their left arm", "raisingup through the shot", "coming over the top" and host ofother swing faults. But these are the same people thatshoot the same scores you do! What could they possibly tellyou that would improve your game?

The information you are about to receive is not theory orconjecture but science. Ooooh, you say, this soundscomplicated. Well it isn't, it is simply the laws of forceand motion that govern our entire lives and day to dayliving. Once you understand these simply laws your golfgame will forever change...for the better!

Secret #1: A Flat Left Wrist

Because the golf stroke involves a golf club, a left arm, anda wrist in between, it is called a "lever system". The leftwrist acts as a "hinge pin" much like the old time "flail"used to beat wheat. This "hinge pin" can rotate, cock oruncock but NEVER Bends!

Golfers however routinely bend the left wrist causing theclubhead to reach the ball before the hands do. This causesa "quitting" motion, adds loft to the clubface, points theface to the left of target, makes the clubhead swingupward disrupting the downward motion that ALL good golfshots MUST have. Good players DELOFT the clubface atImpact. Poor players ADD loft to the clubface costing themdistance, direction, and trajectory.

A 5 iron, for example, has approximately 8 degrees for"forward lean" when soled properly. At Impact with goodplayers the "lean" is approximately 15 degrees. This turnsthe 5 iron into a 4 iron. Poor players reach Impact with a"backward" leaning clubshaft thereby ADDING loft and turningthe 5 iron into a 6-7 iron!

Secret #2: A Staright Plane Line

You only have two choices when it comes to the swing plane, you are either on or you're off. There is no middleground!

What exactly is the swing plane? The plane is the angle ofthe clubshaft as it sets at address - period! It is NOTHogans plane of glass as many would have you to believe. There are only three planes available;

1. Horizontal - a wall
2. Vertical - the floor
3. Inclined somewhere in between

As golfers you and I use the Inclined Plane to swing theclub back up and end, down out and forward, up back and inmaking the Golf Stroke three dimensional.

The clubshaft, actually the sweetspot of the club, maytravel to any other plane angle during the swing as long as itDOES NOT cross the base of the plane. Here is asimple way you can know if you are on plane or not. Whichever end of the club is nearest to the ground MUST alsopoint at the base of the plane from horizon to horizon. Ifneither end is nearer then the clubshaft MUST be horizontalto the ground and parallel to the base of plane.

Secret #3: A Lagging Clubhead

Lag by definition means "trailing". When the clubheadpasses the hands coming into Impact there is no "lag". Without "lag" the golf ball cannot be compressed, we cannothit downward, and we have a tremendous power loss. Clubheadlag promotes a steady and even acceleration giving us adependable way to control distance.

Look at any picture of your favorite player at Impact. Theleft arm and clubshaft are in ONE LINE! Never two lines. This means that the player is utilizing "lag". When a ballis struck with "lag" it explodes off the clubface! Withoutthis "lag" the sound turns into one of mush, a soft Impactinstead of a driving Impact.


If you follow this outline, learn these three "Secrets" youwill be hitting the ball with more compression than you everthought possible.

For example, a Driver striking a golf ball with a 2 degree"backward" leaning clubshaft at 100 mph with 9.5 degrees ofloft produces a launch angle of 6.4 degrees and a carrydistance of 230 yards.

By changing Impact to a 2 degree forward leaning clubshaftthe player produces a launch angle of 10.4 degrees and acarry of 251 yards. A 21 YARD INCREASE WITHOUT buying a newDriver and simply having clubhead lag!

YOU can improve your game dramatically by following thesteps outlined above. Become the best player YOU can be andstart winning those 4 way presses! If YOU really want toelevate your game, hit it farther, straighter, and nearerthe hole then practice what I've shared with you.

Chuck Evans, G. S.E. D.
www. chuckevansgolf. com
chuck@chuckevansgolf. com

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Chuck Evans is one of only 31 Teachers in the world to hold the designation of "Doctorate in Golf Stroke Engineering", he is one of the most highly sought after instructors in the world not only by players but other teachers as well and is known as the Teacher of Teachers!

Chuck has appeared on numerous golf talk shows, written and published instructional articles in local, regional, and national golf publications. His DVD, "60 Days To Game Improvement" has sold in excess of 10,000 copies and his new eBook, "How To Build YOUR Golf Swing" is in the library of amateurs and Teaching Professional alike. He has also appeared as the featured instructor for education classes regarding the golf swing at various PGA Sections and Chapters around the country and has been nominated numerous times for Golf Digest's Top 50 Teachers and Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers.

In addition Chuck has held the positions of Director of Schools for the PGA Tour Golf Academy and the Director of Instruction for the United States Golf Institute.

"My son gets so angry on the golf course that he cannot perform in competitions". "My daughter gets so nervous when other people are watching her play that her game completely falls apart".


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