The Best Golf Training Aid


The best golf training aid is pretty basic.

But first let us answer a simple question so that we're all reading from the same page.

What makes the best golf training aid? In other words what qualifies it to be the best?

I believe that the fairest answer to that question is that it must be the sort of golf training aid that has the best impact on your golf game. It has to be the sort of equipment that produces the best results in terms of improvement in your golf game over the shortest period of time possible.

Having laid down the ground rules, or made them clear, let me add that there are a number of different training products that can qualify to be the best golf training aid. But for the purposes of this article, we will focus on only one.

One of the best golf training aids has to be a weighted club. A weighted club has several advantages that makes it so effective in helping many golfers improve their swing technique and thus their golf game.

To start a weighted club enables a golfer to accomplish or practice two different aspects of their golf swing at the same time. With the limited time most golfers seem to have, this has got to be the most favored plus point that this golf training aid that is contention of being the best has.

Firstly because of the additional weight, a golfer is able to exercise and condition the muscles they use for their golf swing. Secondly the weighted club also enables the golfer to work on their swing technique. Right from the set-up to the backswing and follow-through.

Considering what most trainers say is the most common mistake made by poor or bad golfers, the weighted club can go a long way in correcting it. Some experts in golf training say that the most common mistake made on the course is golfers trying to hit the ball as hard as possible. This not only causes tense muscles and the opposite in results, but it can also quite easily result in injury.

A weighted club will help condition and strengthen muscles so that the golf swing is executed in a more relaxed and yet extremely powerful manner, which is bound to produce the best results.

Despite the fact that there are so many different types of equipment, challenging the weighted club for the title of the best golf training aid is not easy.


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