When you think of golf tips, do you usually think about how to improve your swing, or how to sink your putts? Those, of course, are good tips, but you also need fitness tips behind all of those technique tips. Without proper fitness, technique tips will fall short.

Take your swing, for example. You can meet with a golf pro on many occasions and he can tell you all there is to know about how to swing the club effectively. If you haven't learned the fitness needs behind your swing, though, you will still not be performing to your true potential.

Your swing depends on having a fit back. It is an essential part of your swing, and if you haven't conditioned and exercised your back through exercises and complimentary stretches, it is not going to allow you to swing to the best of your ability. Good back strength adds power to your swing, adds coordination and assists balance.

Your swing also relies on transferring weight correctly, wrist and ankle strength, shoulder and arm strength, posture... the list goes on and on, and all of these things are effected positively by a fitness program. Without good fitness and an understanding of how your body works, your game falls short.

Fitness plays a role in putting as well, since your form will help you sink the putt. Without good form, which is dependent upon good conditioning, you will have a difficult time directing the ball to the cup. Also, without good fitness, your mental focus will not be as sharp.

From an overall perspective, stamina is important to the game of golf. You put in a lot of walking when you play a round of golf, even if you ride a cart, and if you're tired by the last few holes your performance will suffer. A good fitness routine will allow you to play an entire round of golf without feeing fatigued.

Fitness is important to every aspect of your game of golf. Not only will you be a better player who feels healthier, but your attitude and energy will also improve. A fit golfer is at the top of their game!


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