A Valuable Golf Swing Tip


No serious golfer will fail to be eager and maybe even desperate for a golf swing tip that actually works. This is because of the simple reason that a golf swing is the most important single aspect of a good golf game and yet for most golfers, it ends up being the most frustrating, causing many to swear never to set foot on a course again.

Many golfers suffer from back pains, which greatly affect the quality of their golf swing. For others getting a relatively consistent swing is virtually impossible.

All would greatly benefit from the following golf swing tip.

You will be delighted to know that this golf swing tip does not involve your having to spending any time away from work or your current schedule.

The golf swing tip I am talking about involves a golf stretch exercise that you can do without leaving your office or workstation.

Simple golf stretch exercises are the sort of golf swing tips that have revolutionized many a game. Some of our clients who have greatly benefited from this particular golf swing tip have even written nice comments thanking me for the extra advantage of helping ease their back pain problems.

A word of caution here is in order. There are almost as many different types of back pains as there are people suffering from them. So although these golf exercises have had very positive effect on many, this golf swing tip is no guarantee to heal any back pain.

Still there is no denying that the golf stretch exercise done from the comfort of any office has helped a great deal.

While still seated upright and erect on your chair, reach behind you with one arm. Twist as far back as you can go. Twist the other way and repeat. You can then go both ways two to three times. Each time hold for 10 seconds.

This golf swing tip in the form of a stretch exercise usually has the effect of dramatically improving the back swing and the follow through motions. The result is better club head speed and more distance.

There are a number of other golf swing tips in the form of simple exercises that you can do, but you can try this one for starters and observe what it does for you and your game.


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