Invest in the Right Equipment and Take Your Game to the Next Level


Golf is a $60 billion per year industry. Much of that staggering figure comes from money spent on new "technologically advanced" equipment. Equipment the manufacturers claim will let us hit the ball farther and straighter than ever before. Another large area of spending is golf instruction. Today's golfer has access to a vast number of highly qualified PGA teaching professionals to correct swing faults and give cues on how to make better ball contact. With all this high tech equipment and expert instruction, the average golfer must be playing better and shooting lower scores than ever? right? Wrong! The average handicap has not dropped in over 18 years. Why is this? The reason is great new equipment and great teachers but the same old body.

Let's take a look at what factors control the flight of a golf ball. This may help us better understand why most golfers get less than spectacular results from investments in new equipment and expert instruction.

The golf club directs the golf ball due to the following factors:

? Club Face Alignment
? Swing Path
? Angle of Impact
? Club Head Speed

The flight of the golf ball is primarily controlled by external factors such as clubface alignment, swing path, angle of attack, and club head speed. PGA teaching professionals are highly qualified to provide excellent cues and make corrections in your stance, grip, etc. in order for you to improve your swing and allow you to make better contact with the golf ball. After a lesson with cues you find yourself striking the ball better than ever. You just can't wait to get to the course to show your stuff. A few days later you get to the course and it's the same old ugly swing or wicked slice. Sound familiar? Why it is so difficult for most golfers to consistently reproduce that beautiful swing developed during a golf lesson? The reason is ? The club controls the ball but it is your body that controls the club!

Your body controls the golf club due to the following internal physical factors:

? Postural Stability
? Muscle Balance and Flexibility
? Proprioception*
? Strength and Endurance
? Power

*Proprioception = the bodies awareness of its position in space.

So, instead of spending all that money on the latest and greatest driver you ought to think about upgrading your most important piece of equipment? your body! Arm yourself with a qualified golf fitness professional along with a PGA teaching professional and you will not only play better golf but you'll feel better doing it.

Bill Scibetta, RN, NSCA-CPT
Bill is the founder and President of Precision Fitness - Personal Training Centers in the Charlotte, NC area and co-author of the book Play Better Longer! - Peak Performance and Injury Prevention for Golf. Bill is a licensed Registered Nurse as well as a National Strength and Conditioning Association - Certified Personal Trainer. After spending years practicing in the specialty of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Bill has dedicated his career to helping individuals identify and overcome obstacles that stand in the way of optimal wellness and peak physical performance.


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