Golf Instruction Is Only Part Of The Equation


Golf instruction is critical in understanding the mechanics of the golf swing. I am a firm believer in golf instruction. However, golf instruction is not the ONLY component to optimal golf performance.

I believe the BEST combination for maximizing your golf potential is golf instruction, mental golf AND the physical (fitness) side of golf.

You see, golf is a very demanding and stressful sport on your body.

To stand in a somewhat stationary position, while swinging a 3 foot long club at over 80 miles an hour, takes a tremendous amount of both strength and flexibility.

Do you agree?

I mean, how many times have you fallen off balance during your swing? Be honest. I'll bet more times than you can count.

Why do you think this happens?

Mainly, because you're swinging beyond what your body is physically capable of, while maintaining adequate stability.

The result is mishits, shorter distance on all clubs and even injury.

What's the answer?

Get your body in shape, to take advantage of your lessons and optimize your potential. Taking this approach will result in the quickest transformation of your game. No doubt.

Here's just one example of taking a lesson and not being physically capable of doing it.

Your golf instructor noticed you have a restricted backswing and tells you, you need to get a 90 degree shoulder turn with only a 45 degree hip turn.

That's the optimum position for power and distance.

You try and try and can't do it. Now you get frustrated that you've taken a golf lesson, but can't do what your golf instructor wanted you to do.

Try as you might, unless you address the physical limitations that are keeping you from attaining that ideal position, you'll NEVER get it!

So continuing to take lessons and not address "your" limitations is fruitless.

So the morale of the story?

Work on your BODY and your swing will get BETTER quickly!


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