Flexibility Exercises For The Golf Swing Will Make All The Difference


Virtually every golfer knows the importance of flexibility for a good golf swing but not everybody has fully accepted the key role that flexibility exercises can play.

Few understand exactly why flexibility exercises have made such a huge difference for the golf swings of many a golfer. They are totally surprised and actually puzzled as to why this new exercise wave has swept across the game and is proving not to be just a fad but something that will continue to be a part and parcel of the game for many years to come.

So why should flexibility exercise be so important for the golf swing? Is there not any other way that golfers can more comfortably improve on their golf swing without going for strenuous flexibility exercises?

For a moment imagine the entire golf swing action from the back swing right through top impact and the follow through. What does you body feel as you go through the action?

You will find that in many cases there is considerable pressure on certain parts of your body and even in some cases pain. This can best be seen with brand new golfers stepping onto the course for the very first time. And especially those who are not in good physical condition.

The next question you need to ask yourself is why your body is felling the way it is? Why is it straining to simply hit a golf ball with a club? And yet it looks so simple and natural when those professionals like Tiger Woods are doing it?

The simple answer to that question is that the movement for a golf swing is so unnatural to the body that it is straining and hence the great impact any simple flexibility exercise can have.

It looked very easy and natural when you see the professionals make their match winning drives and it is because they have worked an and condition their bodies for the golf swing with plenty of flexibility exercises. The results speak for themselves. The golf swings look natural because they feel natural to the golfer.

There really is no other way for you to see great improvements in your golf swing without the help of golf flexibility exercises.


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